Products & Services


Aquamarine provides clients with innovative, expertly engineered products and services with an emphasis on high quality, value and on-time deliveries.


Our design capabilities and tools support the innovative solutions offered to our clients and provide the capability to engage from concept phase through design,manufacturing, testing and installation, in addition to upgrade and modification tasks.

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Our products and solutions include

  • Subsea and Surface BOP-Stack frame systems, assembly and testing
  • Coil tubing lift frames including static and motion compensating units
  • Well Capping Stack frame systems, assembly and testing
  • Modifications to existing BOP Stack systems
  • Carbon Steel Choke & Kill flex loops
  • Special drill pipe handling tools
  • BOP Test Tools
  • Test flange rentals
  • Work platforms, guide funnels, hang off tools, guide posts
  • Emergency Recovery Systems (ERS) 
  • Through Hull Deployment Systems for subsea positioning transducers
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New solutions

We are experienced innovators of BOP and riser solutions for the rig moonpool, ensuring a higher level of personnel safety, customer satisfaction and the highest professional standards.

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BOP stack modifications

We offer our clients the ability to redesign their rig-specific BOP stacks to accept different types of OEM BOPs and specific stack configurations. We provide the design engineering interface between the existing stack configuration and the new concept we deliver for our clients. Our services encompass the procurement, manufacturing and fabrication of the new components needed for stack modifications.


Improved steel properties

Through long experience and advanced heat treatment processes, Aquamarine is able to meet demanding customer material specifications. We provide tailor-made heat treatment and test programs, including annealing, quenching, tempering, PWHT and mechanical testing. 


Our engineering services include

  • Mechanical System Design
  • Hydraulic System Design
  • Pneumatic System Design
  • Global Inspection and 3rd Party Services
  • Technical Support
  • Finite Elemental Analysis
  • Solid Modeling via 3D CAD • Project Consultation
  • Product R&D