Completion and Work-over systems


Typically exposed to wear, corrosion and washout.
A combination of Aquamarine Prevent Series powders provides solutions both for new-production and repair.

Well completion and Intervention Tools


Wear is typical on tooling equipment. Downtime due to replacing parts is considerable. With Aquamarine Prevent Series HVOF, lifetime is extended and costs are reduced.

Production and Utility pump systems


Equipment is subject to wear, corrosion and washout. Repair is often discarded due to extent of damage. With HVOF repair at Aquamarine, parts are rebuilt with better characteristics than original.

Compressors and Hydraulic Pistons

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Aquamarine HVOF coatings increase lifecycle to components exposed to aggressive environments. Running costs are decreased due to longer running time and lower replacement costs.

Kill & Choke, Hydraulic Lines and
Marine Drilling Lines


The quality and the increased lifecycle on equipment coated with Aquamarine HVOF is documented through a series of case studies. Cost reduction is the key factor.

Marine Applications


Aggressive environments, corrosion, wear? At Aquamarine we improve material with our high quality HVOF so your problems are solved.



Parts subject to wear that are coated with Aquamarine HVOF have increased lifetime and ensures smooth operation for a longer period of time. Thus reducing Costs.

Aquamarine Prevent Series

Aquamarine Prevent Series consists of powders used for coating in various areas subjected to wear, corrosion and blow-out.
Aquamarine HVOF coatings greatly increase resistance to aggressive environments and improve components characteristics.
Aquamarine's proven spraying parameters provides durable and life-prolonging results, thus saving costs.

Aquamarine WearPrevent

  • For use on parts exposed to mechanical wear

Aquamarine CorrosionPrevent

  • For use on parts exposed to corrosion

Aquamarine WashoutPrevent

  • For use on parts exposed to washout