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The SALTR Handling System is a device for safety and efficiently handling termination rings that are used at the top of the riser string.

Typically rig personnel must be suspended over water in the moonpool using air tuggers to handle the split rings, which can weigh upwards of 18,000 lbs each. This is an unsafe and time consuming process. The SALTR Handling System eliminates the need for personnel in the moonpool, while reducing installation time by 80%.


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  • Forks for lifting the SALTR Rings – 36,000 LBS
  • System travel capacity in/out ( well center) 66"
  • System travel capacity up/down 24"
  • System tilt capacity 0-10 Degrees
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Application/ Capabilities

The SALTR system significantly reduce the down time for installation and removal of the Dril-Quip SALT ring.

The SALT ring consists of two identical halves (Port side & Starboard side) and is installed on the t-joint to substitute goosenecks for Choke and Kill applications. Each half has an offset shape in order to allow for the under carriage to be mounted and to have room for it to travel.

Each structure realies on the BOP carrier system for its travel to move from either Port or Starboard to the well center. Each SALTR System has an under carriage mini transporter for the final handling of each split ring.

The Handling System has the ability to move the spit rings either up or down. The system also can move the rings from Forward to Aft, and tilt up or down for the final alignment onto the Telescopic Joint.

The system operates by first extending the split ring storage arm.

Then the BOP carrier moves the SALTR System until the pickle fork is in line with ring.

The operator adjusts the forks to the correct elevation, stabs them, and lifts the ring from the cradle.

The New pickle fork has the same geometry as the existing manual unit and therefore supports the ring in the same locations.

The SALTR System is then moved by the BOP transporter until the split ring is in line with the riser at well center.

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