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Through Hull Deployment System

The Aquamarine Deployment Machine is a tool for deploying
sonar- & other sensors on marine, offshore and leisure vessels.
Aquamarine have more than 20 years experience in engineering and delivery of complete systems for through hull deployment systems.

The Aquamarine designed and fabricated deployment systems are used within both Marine and Oil & Gas sector.

Experienced lifetime is above 20 years with the recomended service and maintenance program.

A standard machine has a deployment lenght of 3700mm, but machines can be tailored to meet customer requierments on deployment lenght and overall dimensions.
Over the years more than 350 machines have been delivered, both standard and tailor made.

Project lead time is typically 6- 12 weeks for a standard machine

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A typical Aquamarine Deployment System consist of:

  • Transceiver pole; based on our key competence of HVOF coating with Aquamarine TS 300 NI Super Alloy to withstand oxidation and corrosion.
  • Adapter flange
  • Service section
  • Sealing/Bearing section
  • Main & Remote control unit
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Gate valve
  • Gate valve actuator
  • Project management, engineering procurement, assembly and documentation in accordance with international standards


  • Lifetime above 20 years.
  • HVOF coated transceiver pole.
  • Tailormade remote controlsystem for integration into vessels main system.
  • Standard dimensions:
    • Standard deployment lenght 3700mm.
    • 5904mm x 750mm x495mm - 1300kg.
  • Up to 6 months deployed in sea with continues operation.
  • Service requirements as per service manual.
  • Proven technology with failure rate well below 1%.


  • Product design assessment by ABS and Lloyds. Additional assessment by others per client request.
  • HPU running on 440 / 690 VAC
  • Installation:
    • Typically mounted in cofferdams.
    • Simple module based installation.
    • Multiple leak barriers to sealing section and closed service section compartment.
    • Digital controlpanel reducing need for cable runs and facilitates electronic logging of operations

Marine Sector

  • Pipelines / cable laying vessels
  • Defense / Navy vessels
  • Wind farms
  • Research vessels
  • Ice breaker vessels
  • Superyachts

Oil & Gas Sector

  • Semi Sub Rig
  • Plattform Supply Vessels (PSV)
  • Drill Ships
  • Anchor-Handling Vessels