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The patented Aquamarine Motion Compensating Coil Tubing Lift Frame (MCCTLF) is extremely effective in operation while increasing component life and value, decreasing equipment downtime and improving performance.

The industry has had to move from having traditional derrick mounted drill string compensators to utilizing active draw works. This stems from the need to increase both the Variable Deck Load and the stability of deep water drilling rigs.

Unfortunately, drill line compensation units present drawbacks when used for Drill Stem Testing type operations as their failure mode can create scenarios that either lock up the compensating ability or instruct the draw works to lift the string that is in support.

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The solution for such a scenario is to utilize a  Coiled Tubing Lift Frame with Motion Compensation capabilities. Aquamarine's Coiled Tubing Lift Frame is a culmination from years of experience installing, interfacing, designing, and troubleshooting motion compensation systems in both drilling and coiled tubing applications.


The MCCTLF is a device designed for rigs with active drawworks. It is utilized as the primary compensating system while performing well intervention work and Drill
Stem Testing (DST). These are large, complex pieces of equipment with pneumatic and hydraulic controls.

The equipment is customized to customer requirements for static load, dynamic load, compensation stroke and weight.

To date, we have designed MCCTLFs that are capable of supporting 750 or 500 tons statically and 500 or 350 tons dynamically over a stroke of twenty feet. The MCCTLF is utilized when Operators and Drilling Contractors worldwide need an alternate form of compensation solution past an active drawworks when performing completions and DST work.


Advantages of MCCTLF Design:

  • High-pressure air to the blind side of the compensation cylinders rather than the rod side.
  • Weight is much less than competitive units.
  • System is much more efficient
  • Volume required for the rod end accumulator is reduced.
  • Very simple controls and maintenance.
  • Better balance of the load.
  • Function as protection for the cylinder rods.
  • Greatly reduces the height of the operational string.
  • Use of industry standard and field-proven speed control devices.

Safety Features:

  • Speed Control Valve: prevents the system from rapidly retracting in the event of a string separation.
  • Pressure Compensated Air Hose Shutoff Valves: prevents loss of system pressure in the event of a hose failure.
  • Pressure Relief Valves: prevents over-pressurization of the compensation system.
  • Lock Pin Notch: prevents inadvertent removal of the main lock pin.
  • Bottom Out Pins: allows full static load capacity in the event of a compensation system failure.
  • Hose Restraints: prevents injury and damage in the event of a hose separation.